Rules of the site

Editorial from ________2021
Ukraine, Kyiv

Limited Liability Company '____', represented by the director _______________, acting on the basis of the Charter, offers any Internet user to use the sites on the Internet, hereinafter referred to as the Beauty HUB Platform, namely:
The Magazine Beauty HUB platform is hosted at;
The Afisha Beauty HUB platform, hosted at;
The Booking Beauty HUB platform, hosted at;
The PRO BHUB platform is hosted at, and other resources of Estet Group, in accordance with the following rules.

1. Terms and definitions

1.1. In these rules of use of the Platform, unless the text expressly provides otherwise, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

«Company» - Limited Liability Company «______» - a legal entity registered under the laws of Ukraine, located at 6A Lobanovsky Ave, 26th floor, Kyiv.
<>br «User» - any person using the Platform in any way, including by visiting the Platform.

«Platform» - a set of information, texts, graphic elements, design, images, photos and videos and other results of intellectual activity, as well as computer programs contained in an information system that ensures the availability of such information on the Internet. Beauty HUB platforms are Internet resources intended for publishing and obtaining information in the field of beauty industry, culture, fashion, style and health.

The platforms are designed to publish and receive information in the fields of beauty, culture, fashion, style and health.
Platforms are designed for placement:
1) author's articles, messages, announcements, publications of informational and/or advertising nature;
2) information about various events: conferences, seminars, trainings, exhibitions, advanced training courses and any other events organized by the Company or third parties without exception. The Company provides event organizers with the opportunity to post information about events on the Platform, collect information about Users interested in attending events, and register Users and third parties for events using the Platform's software and hardware systems, and Users are able to register for participation in them and acquire access rights using the Platform's software and hardware systems;
3) information about various services/goods in the field of beauty and health provided by beauty market participants.
4) provision of booking services (booking the time of receiving services).

«Personal Account» (account) - a web platform, a service section of the Customer on the Beauty HUB Platforms, available for login only after authorization, which gives the User access to the services and tools of the platform, editing information about the User and his/her events, statistics, promotions, etc. «Rules» - these are the rules for using the Platform. «Parties» - the User and the Company.

2. Binding nature of the Rules and amendment of the Rules

2.1. The text of these Rules is permanently posted on the Internet at https:// and contains all the terms of use of the Platforms and is an offer of the Company to each User to use the Platforms on certain terms and conditions and is a public offer.
2.2. The proper acceptance of this offer is considered to be the use of the Platforms by any third party, including viewing the Platforms, posting any information on the Platforms, purchasing goods and services through the Platforms and other actions.
2.3. From the moment the User starts using the Platforms, he/she agrees to the Rules and undertakes to comply with them. The Rules shall enter into legal force in the relations between the Parties from the moment the Beauty HUB Platform is opened by the User.
2.4. The Parties agree that the Rules may be changed by the Company unilaterally by posting the updated text of the Rules on the Beauty HUB Platform. They shall come into force from the date specified by the Company when posted on the Platform.
The User confirms his/her consent to the changes in the terms of the Rules by using the Beauty HUB. In case of disagreement with the amended version of the Rules, the User shall stop using the Platforms.
2.5. At the moment of starting to use the Beauty HUB Platforms, the User undertakes to familiarize himself with the current version of the Rules.

3. When using the Platforms is prohibited:

3.1. In any way violate the provisions of the current legislation of Ukraine.
3.2. Mislead, defame, insult, harass, threaten or otherwise restrict the rights and freedoms of users of the Platforms and/or third parties.
3.3. Publish or disseminate false, harmful, obscene, illegal, defamatory information that provokes interethnic, religious, gender or ethnic conflicts.
3.4. Post information that advertises or provokes illegal activities that infringe the rights of users or third parties to intellectual property, propaganda materials, distribute spam, pyramid schemes or calls to participate in them, any other intrusive information, describe or promote criminal activities, post instructions or guidelines for committing criminal acts.
3.5. Intentionally distribute various viruses, defective programs, Trojan horses, corrupted files, hoax programs, as well as any other elements of a destructive or misleading nature.
3.6. Use the Beauty HUB Platforms in any harmful way or in a way that may disrupt the normal functioning of the Platforms.
3.7. Post any personal information of other users or third parties without their personal consent.
3.8. Make any attempts to unauthorizedly access any part or function of the Beauty HUB Platforms or any network connected to the Beauty HUB Platforms.
3.9. Use any automatic devices, programs, algorithms, techniques or any similar or equivalent manual processes to interfere with, access, acquire, copy or monitor any part of the Beauty HUB Platforms, to reproduce or access bypass the registration, navigation or display system used on the Platforms and any content and to obtain or attempt to obtain any materials, documents or information by any means.
3.10. Publish, send, transmit or in any other way post and/or distribute unauthorized advertising information, unsolicited commercial emails (spam).
3.11. Mislead users and/or third parties about your identity.
3.12. Carry out illegal collection and processing of personal data of other persons.

4. The Company has the right to delete or restrict access to any information posted on the Beauty HUB Platforms without prior notice to the User and without giving any reason.

5. Intellectual property

5.1. The Beauty HUB Platforms contain information, including data, special offers, photos, graphics, texts, images, logos, icons, drawings, software, audio and video materials, trademarks, copyrights, intellectual property rights and other materials belonging to the Company, its affiliates and other related parties, sponsors, partners, representatives, all other persons acting on behalf of the Company, other Users and other third parties
5.2. By using the Beauty HUB Platforms, the User acknowledges and agrees that the Content of the Platforms is protected by copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights in force in Ukraine and in other countries, and that these rights are valid and protected in all forms, on all media and in relation to all technologies, both currently existing and developed or created subsequently. No rights to any content of the Platforms, including, but not limited to, logos and other marks, shall be transferred to the User as a result of the use of the Platforms, unless otherwise provided by the agreement between the Parties.
5.3. Without prejudice to the universal nature of the above provisions, the User acknowledges that the Beauty HUB Platforms contain trademarks, products, services, trade names, logos, intellectual property rights, and other materials of third parties, and that such rights belong to the respective owners. The User is prohibited from copying, modifying, altering, deleting, supplementing, publishing, transferring such objects of exclusive and personal non-property rights of third parties, creating derivative works, manufacturing or selling products based on them, reproducing, displaying or in any other way exploiting or using such rights of third parties without the express permission of their owners.
5.4. If the User believes that any part of the content of the Platforms infringes the User's rights to the results of intellectual activity, the User shall send the Company a notice to the following address a relevant complaint, which must contain information about the rights and/or legitimate interests of the User violated by the relevant content that the User considers illegal, as well as facts/circumstances confirming that the rights belong to the User.
5.5. Based on the consideration of the complaint received in accordance with the procedure provided for in clause 5.4 of the Rules, the Company may decide either to satisfy the complaint and remove the content that violates the rights of the User, or to declare the complaint unfounded.

6. Responsibility

6.1. The Company is in no way responsible for the information posted on the Beauty HUB Platforms by Users and/or other persons and for all actions taken on the basis of this information, including for commodity-money relations between them.
6.2. The Company is not responsible for the performance of the Beauty HUB Platforms and does not guarantee their uninterrupted operation. The Company also does not guarantee the safety of information posted on the Beauty HUB Platforms.
6.3. The User uses the Beauty HUB Platforms as presented. The Company does not guarantee the User the achievement of any results as a result of using the Beauty HUB Platforms.

7. Personal data

7.1. If the User enters his personal data on the Beauty HUB Platforms, he voluntarily grants the Company the right to collect and process it.
7.2 The Company's personal data privacy policy is publicly available and permanently located at

8. Registration

8.1. In the interests of safety and security, only registered Users can access the services provided through the Beauty HUB Platforms.
8.2. Registration takes place by opening a Personal Account.
8.3. When registering on the Beauty HUB Platforms, the User is obliged to provide the necessary accurate and up-to-date information. The User has no right to transfer his/her login and password to third parties and is fully responsible for their safety. The User guarantees that the e-mail address provided by him/her is up-to-date and accurate, as well as the telephone number where he/she can be contacted. The User warrants that he/she has reached the age stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine to accept these Terms.
8.4. The Company has the right to deny the User the right to access the password-protected parts of the Beauty HUB Platforms at any time and without obligation to give reasons if the User:
- provides false information for registration purposes;
- violates these Terms of Use or neglects its obligations to protect user data;
- violates any applicable law while accessing or using the Beauty HUB Platforms.
8.5. The user account (login and password) allows the User to view their data and make changes to it or, if necessary, withdraw consent to data processing.
8.6. The User guarantees that the User Data is not available to third parties and is responsible for all transactions and other activities carried out using the User Data. In case the User becomes aware of any unauthorized use of the User Data by third parties, the User shall immediately notify the Company by e-mail

9. Concluding remarks

9.1. These Rules constitute an agreement between the User and the Company regarding the procedure for using the Beauty HUB Platforms and their services and supersede all previous agreements between them.
9.2. These Rules shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Ukraine. Issues not regulated by the Rules shall be resolved in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.
9.3. In case of any disputes or disagreements related to the implementation of these Rules, the User and the Company will make every effort to resolve them through negotiations between them. In case the disputes are not resolved through negotiations, the disputes shall be settled in court in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.
9.4. If for any reason one or more provisions of these Rules are found to be invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity or applicability of the remaining provisions.