Issue No. 1/2021

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about the magazine

PUBLICATION FREQUENCY: 4 times a year (from 2021)

Special project PRO Cosmetology by “Cosmetologist”

The magazine "Cosmetologist" - only useful and relevant information. Professional publication for cosmetologists, dermatocosmetologists, aesthetic medicine doctors, specialists and managers of cosmetology and aesthetic clinics, beauty salons, SPA centers

From the editor

A large number of webinars and other online broadcasts today allow you to get a lot of information, and on a variety of topics. And sometimes we consume too much of everything - for various reasons: I need to know this, I want to get acquainted with this, it’s just interesting, but this is from the category of “maybe someday it will come in handy.” As a result, you seem to be constantly receiving information, but it is somehow disjointed, unstructured, sometimes superfluous... Therefore, we decided to devote most of the new issue of the magazine to one topic, to concentrate on it - the peeling technique.

“While peelings go deeper into the layers of the skin, cosmetology is continuously deepening the study of peelings as the most effective tool in aesthetic cosmetology,” writes our author. And he’s right: recently, both peeling preparations and the technique itself, which can give excellent results both in mono- and combined use, are showing active development. Where can you get this new information if not at a specialized event, especially if it is a long-awaited offline event? Therefore, tickets to the now traditional PEEL 3.0 conference were sold out long before it began. And we will tell you how the conference went in the next issue of the magazine - our publication has been supporting PEEL informationally since the birth of this event.

In the new issue of the publication, our authors also share their own developments in solving the aesthetic problems of their clients, and professional life hacks. They remind you of the insidious herpes, which can worsen after invasive procedures. They are thinking about how, in our time of rapid and constant receipt of information, we can learn to “filter” it and concentrate on what is important.

And between publications of the printed magazine, stay in touch with us by accessing the PRO Cosmetology electronic resource using the QR code.

Irina Shapovalova, editor-in-chief

Contents #1 (105) 2021

PRO news

In the world of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine

PRO special

[Persona of the issue] Interview with Yulia Zlotnitskaya

Anna Funikova

[Peelings] Complications during chemical peeling procedures

Irina Agafonova

[Own experience] Treatment tactics for a patient with acne and hyperpigmentation

Vladlena Averina

[Peelings] Choosing a peeling method

Alena Snigur

[Peelings] Multi-skin and multi-peeling

Nadezhda Yalovaya

[Peelings] Peelings in the treatment of acne

Elena Mospanova

[Peelings] Meet: peeling-resurfacers

[Peelings] New formulas of TCA peels

Review of peeling products

PRO anti-aging

[Introducing the Brand] Microneedle RF-intensif

Alena Garkusha

[Therapy] Photoallergy and phototoxicity

Katerina Bardova

[Correction of body contours] Current methods of figure correction. Cosmetic body care

Galina Trofimova

[Body contour correction] Essential oils and cellulite correction

PRO Product

Market news

Procedure protocols from famous brands

PRO dermatology

Ekaterina Maslak

[Prevention] Herpes virus is a common “trap” in the practice of a cosmetologist

[Evidence-based medicine] Natural antibiotic: tyrothricin-based products

Irina Kapshuchenko

[Combined techniques] IPL and BTA in the treatment of rosacea

PRO injections

Oksana Astapieva

[Therapy] Building a hand rejuvenation program

PRO Apparatuses

Yulia Zlotnitskaya

[Own experience] Cryolipolysis: effectiveness and safety

Alexey Pisarev

[Own experience] 5 life hacks when working with lasers

PRO Wellness

Irina Griban

[Science] Focus: How to prioritize

PRO management

Elena Trush

[Conflictology] Anatomy of conflicts

Olga Khaynovskaya

[Business] time for soul searching


Continuation of the topic from #5-6, 2020 “Uncomplicated situations in cosmetology” - in #2, 2021

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