Issue No. 3/2021

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PUBLICATION FREQUENCY: 4 times a year (from 2021)

Special project PRO Cosmetology by “Cosmetologist”

The magazine "Cosmetologist" - only useful and relevant information. Professional publication for cosmetologists, dermatocosmetologists, aesthetic medicine doctors, specialists and managers of cosmetology and aesthetic clinics, beauty salons, SPA centers

From the editor

Friends, contrary to the tradition of turning to seasonal topics, we decided to devote the autumn issue of the magazine to acne, a disease that today is a fairly common reason for visits to a dermatologist or aesthetic medicine doctor. Moreover, acne is no longer considered a problem only in adolescence; its prevalence among adults has increased significantly. And depending on age, causes, presence or absence of concomitant pathology, acne therapy will differ.

If you conduct even a cursory review of the market for cosmetic products to solve acne skin problems in search engines, you can conclude that the race of marketing strategies is gaining momentum. Every second cosmetic product promises “miracle results in a short time.” And it is not possible to independently deal with so many cosmetic products on the market, nor can it be difficult for a patient or a doctor. And he falls into the “trap” of common, “accepted” in treatment, cliches and typical excesses. The authors of the journal share their experience and advice in the treatment and management of patients with this complex pathology.

A problem close to the topic of the issue was called maskne - a word that appeared as a combination of the words “mask” and “acne”. The need to wear protective masks has provoked a surge in requests for sensitive irritated skin syndrome, as well as acne, rosacea, perioral, contact dermatitis and other dermatodiseases. And doctors are beginning to gain their own experience in approaches to solving these problems.

In the latest issue we continue to address issues of post-Covid rehabilitation - this time we’ll talk about how to minimize the impact of the pandemic on our mental health. We will raise topics on such hardware methods as RF lifting and phonophoresis, problems such as the human papillomavirus and bacterial biofilms, and talk about the future of antioxidants in cosmetics. And we’ll tell you how to manage content (the essence of which is now difficult to overestimate) so that it creates trust.

And in between publications of the printed magazine, go to the electronic resource PRO Cosmetology (, where there are many interesting and relevant topics.

Sincerely yours,

Irina Shapovalova, editor-in-chief

Contents #3 (107) 2021

PRO news

In the world of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine

PRO special

Tatiana Svyatenko

[Acne] Acne: numbers, concepts, hypotheses

Yuliana Ostroumova

[Acne] Acne: psycho-emotional impact of the disease

Elena Mospanova

[Acne] Acne: a problem beyond age

Elena Moiseeva

[Acne] Acne: typical excesses in treatment

Svetlana Yudina

[Acne] Management of patients with acne

Natalia Chuiko

[Acne] Problematic and retinoid skin. Prevention and treatment of acne scarring

Product overview: preparations for therapy and care of acne skin

Denis Kosharsky

[Patient safety] Uncomplicated situations in cosmetology

PRO anti-age

Galina Trofimova

[Ingredient] Antioxidant therapy. Skin care after a period of intense sun exposure

Alena Snigur

[Lecture] Algotherapy for skin oxidative stress

Kristina Novak (Mushikhina)

[Body contour correction] Ideal body contours: dream or reality?

PRO Apparatuses

[Introducing the brand] Fractional RF lifting

Lidiya Astafurova

[Physiotherapy methods] Phonophoresis: rapid transport

PRO Product

[Introducing the brand] Vitamin therapy

Market news

Procedure protocols from famous brands

Svetlana Galnykina, Oksana Yashchenko

[Ingredient] Cosmetics with antioxidants are the future

PRO dermatology

Tatiana Shalagina

[Post-Covid syndrome] Maskne: skin under a mask during a pandemic

Tatiana Svyatenko, Andrey Prokhach

[Therapy] Human papilloma virus. Management of IDP outbreaks

Olga Bondarenko

[Therapy] Pigment spots. Correction vectors

PRO injections

Anna Funikova

[Rehabilitation] Bacterial biofilms

PRO management

Elena Trush

[Marketing] The art of content management that creates trust

PRO Wellness

Irina Griban

[Mental health] Lessons from the pandemic. Strengthening the immune system and taking care of health as a priority

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