Issue No. 2/2021

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about the magazine

PUBLICATION FREQUENCY: 4 times a year (from 2021)

Special project PRO Cosmetology by “Cosmetologist”

The magazine "Cosmetologist" - only useful and relevant information. Professional publication for cosmetologists, dermatocosmetologists, aesthetic medicine doctors, specialists and managers of cosmetology and aesthetic clinics, beauty salons, SPA centers

From the editor

Man is an amazing creature. It would seem that a sense of security is basic for any living creature. But obviously not for humans. It seems that, having become a rational being, Homo sapiens lost a fair amount of the instinct of self-preservation. What am I talking about? About the desire of representatives of the human race to expose themselves to the sun's rays again and again - manically and carefree, rejecting all modern knowledge that increased insolation equals photoaging, often quite early. There are, of course, people who do not like summer and do not accept themselves as toast for frying. But even in my circle there are only a few of them. Among your patients, probably too.

Fortunately, science does not stand still. Sun filters are being improved and protocols for their use are changing. The latest issue of the magazine presents a range of summer topics - from new FDA recommendations regarding the use of SPF products and principles of protecting skin from increased sun exposure to seasonal care protocols depending on skin type and product ingredients.

In today's realities, issues of post-Covid rehabilitation also come to the fore. We are learning how to counter the pandemic from our own experience, in real time. This also affected aesthetic medicine, so we continue to address post-Covid topics. In the latest issue, the author shares his vision of the connection between SARS-CoV-2 and hair loss and talks about the treatment of this condition.

On the pages of the new issue of the magazine, authoritative experts talk about their own developments in solving aesthetic problems of the neck, describe the impact of metabolic syndrome on the condition of the skin, and present combined protocols and the possibilities of massage techniques. They also advise how you can assess the recognition of your brand and get out of a conflict situation.

The next issue will present a range of autumn topics, and between the publications of the printed magazine, stay in touch with us and get acquainted with the experience of our authors by accessing the PRO Cosmetology electronic resource using the QR code.

Irina Shapovalova, editor-in-chief

Contents #2 (106) 2021

PRO news

In the world of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine

PRO special

[Persona] Interview with Valentina Zolotareva

Yuliana Ostroumova

[Photoaging] SPF products: myths and rumors

Elena Mospanova

[Photoaging] Sun protection filters: what's new?

Galina Trofimova

[Photoaging] Principles of skin protection

Alena Garkusha

[Photoaging] Skin restoration protocols

Natalia Shevchuk

[Photoaging] Treatments during insolation

PRO anti-age

Svetlana Galnykina

[Lecture] Metabolic syndrome and skin

Irina Soroka

[Combined techniques] Neck as an object of aesthetic correction

Irina Agafonova

[Therapy] Neck skin restoration

PRO Product

Market news

Procedure protocols from famous brands

PRO dermatology

Nastasia Yarmoshevich

[Therapy] Malassezia and human skin microbiome

Olga Bondarenko

[Therapy] Alopecia of various origins

PRO injections

Evgenia Shelemba, Valeria Vetchinkina

[Evidence-based medicine] Combination of skin boosters with other procedures

Natalia Ulyanchenko

[Own experience] 3 secrets of successful healthy lift therapy

PRO Apparatuses

[Introducing the Brand] Picosecond Tattoo Removal Laser

Alexey Pisarev, Victoria Vereninova

[Own experience] 5 life hacks when working with lasers. Part 2

Oksana Valko, Evgeniy Skivka

[Combined techniques] Neodymium and/or alexandrite

Lidiya Astafurova

[Physiotherapy methods] Principle of electroporation

PRO Wellness

Evgenia Radionova

[Massage techniques] Integral anti-cellulite technique

Tatiana Brailo

[Own experience] Guasha Face massage

[Online event] International Global Wellness Day

PRO management

Andrey Avramenko, Anna Avramenko

[Marketing] SWOT analysis as a brand assessment tool

Elena Trush

[Conflictology] Anatomy of conflicts. Part 2

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