Issue No. 4/2021

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about the magazine

PUBLICATION FREQUENCY: 4 times a year (from 2021)

Special project PRO Cosmetology by “Cosmetologist”

The magazine "Cosmetologist" is only useful and relevant information. A professional publication for dermatologists, dermatocosmetologists, cosmetologists, specialists, managers and owners of clinics, beauty centers and SPA centers who make decisions about purchasing drugs and equipment.

The authors of theoretical and practical publications are reputable doctors in the field of cosmetology and dermatology.

Focus: health and skin quality, dermatological aspects, prevention and therapy of age-related changes, interdisciplinary anti-age approach, management of complications, mental health.

From the editor

In the modern rhythm of life, many of us move in the mode of “solving problems as they arise.” Often the same approach to one’s own appearance and even health is no exception. A tingling sensation in the side - see a doctor; a wrinkle has appeared in the corner of the eye - see a cosmetologist. But at the same time, everyone knows perfectly well that prevention is more effective than therapy, be it medical or aesthetic. Prevention of age-related changes consists of systemic care, the main role in which is played by the condition of the skin and its quality. Therefore, in the latest issue of the magazine we will talk about the quality of leather.

The range of modern skin quality techniques is wide, it makes it possible to create an effective plan for correcting the skin condition, taking into account the individual characteristics of the body. But that's not all. The human body is a large biochemical laboratory in which millions of chemical reactions take place with the participation of certain components. If there is a shortage of some components, then the reactions do not proceed correctly, and the results of these reactions are unsatisfactory. Accordingly, cosmetology programs will also be ineffective. In this issue we will talk about what the body needs to stimulate collagen production. In the following, we will talk about other important “building blocks”.

Modern capabilities for diagnosing the skin and measuring its moisture content help us approach the process of improving its quality with “open eyes.” And understanding the structure of the skin makes the picture called “the largest human organ” not an abstraction, but a realism.

In the latest issue, our authors share their experience in solving aesthetic problems of intimate areas and the use of cosmetics with ingredients that have an ambiguous “reputation”. They introduce new hardware techniques and provide legal information.

I also have news: since the inception of the PEEL conference in 2019, the magazine has supported it as a media partner. This year, PEEL outgrew its narrow focus and became DERMA, covering the areas of cosmeceuticals, mesotherapy and hardware cosmetology. Visit the conference website and join the audience of those who want to gain new knowledge.

PS Do not forget, during breaks between publications of the printed magazine, to use the QR code to access the electronic resource PRO Cosmetology, where even more interesting information awaits you.

Sincerely yours, Irina Shapovalova, editor-in-chief

Contents #4 (108) 2021

PRO news

In the world of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine

PRO special

[Persona of the issue] Interview with Natalia Bulgakova

Olga Bondarenko

[Topic of the issue] Spectrum of modern skin quality techniques

Galina Krinskaya

[Topic of the issue] Conditions for collagen formation

Ksenia Kisimes

[Topic of the issue] Possibilities of immediate diagnostics

PRO Wellness

Irina Griban

[Topic of the issue] The undeniable relationship between the intestines and the skin

PRO anti-age

Vera Avdeeva

[Therapy] Lunch break procedures. Correction of aesthetic problems of the intimate area

Angela Tutarish

[Therapy] Possibilities of needle RF exposure in solving aesthetic problems

Svetlana Yudina

[Condition correction] Metabolic syndrome: practical aspect

PRO Product

Market news

Protocols of procedures from famous brands PromoItalia, MCCM, Nelly De Vuyst®, Zemits

Tatiana Shalagina

[Ingredient] Barriers to the prescription of cosmetics with retinoids

PRO dermatology

Tatiana Svyatenko, Tatiana Motashko

[Management of complications] Herpes virus infection in the practice of a cosmetologist

Olga Bogomolets, Margarita Kobko

[Dermato-oncology] Achromatic melanoma

Alina Novikova

[Peelings] Peeling of the intimate area

PRO injections

Yulia Ivasenko

[Effective correction] Botulinum therapy in older people

PRO Apparatuses

[Introducing the technique] Use of CO2 laser for the treatment of vulvovaginal atrophy

[Introducing the technique] An innovative method of combating cellulite and excess adipose tissue

D. Khazaka, G. Wiora, C. Uhl

[Topic of the issue] TEWL - an informative and significant parameter

PRO management

Antonina Nizhnik

[Legal consultation] 5 minutes to private medical practice in aesthetic medicine

Oksana Valko

[Sales technologies] Sales as communication between two parties

PRO Lecture

Maria Booth

[Topic of the issue] Structure and functions of the skin. Skin as a metabolically active organ

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