Issue No. 1/2022

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about the magazine

FREQUENCY OF EXIT: 4 times per river (from 2021)

Special project PRO Cosmetology by “Cosmetologist”

PRO Cosmetology magazine by "Cosmetologist" - unnecessary and up-to-date information.

Professi Vidannya for LIKARIV-DERTOLIV, Dermatocosmetologists, Cosmetologists, Fakhivtsiv, Kerivnikiv that power Klinik, Saloniv Ta SPA-Central, Yaki Primyut Rishnnya about the tribute of the preparation.

The authors of the publication of theoretical and practical directness are authoritative doctors in the field of cosmetology and dermatology.

Focus: skin health and vibrancy, dermatological aspects, prevention and therapy of age-related changes, interdisciplinary anti-age approach, deterioration management, mental health.

Editor's word

Friends, we have a new issue of the magazine. For the rich of you, having already become a good helper, dekhto, melodiously, tsked at our recent sightings. We hope that you will find new information on the pages of this issue, learn from colleagues, and become familiar with new drugs, protocols and techniques.

You, melodiously, noted that the cover of this issue is much different from the already basic style - the magazine supports a professional approach, which has become widespread in the trends of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine in Ukraine. Three years passed under the name PEEL, which expanded its thematic horizons and became the DERMA Congress. If you are not yet familiar with this event, go to the website and retrospectively increase the price of minor products.

In general, the main themes of this issue of the magazine, dedicated to the famous DERMA, are the popular methods of mesotherapy, biorevitalization, peeling, as well as cosmeceutical ingredients. All those that are discussed at the congress are now, in the right mind, a real tool in the hands of a cosmetologist.

This issue also has a wide range of dermatological topics: foliculitis of the scalp, scarring alopecia, rosacea, principles of dermatological consultation, which should be taken into account by cosmetologists. Psychological aspects and legal aspects.

So, go ahead, read, find “your” useful information for yourself and stay away from us!

Looking forward to a new partner!

Chief editor of the magazine Irina Shapovalova

Content #1 (109) 2022

PRO news

New products in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine

PRO special

[Person to number] Interview with Oleksandr Borodko

Irina Mikolyuk

[Topic of the issue] Mesotherapy as the main treatment method for skin elasticity

Yulia Zlotnitska

[Ingredient] Possibility of DMAE in anti-age drugs

Olga Bibarsova

[Topic of the issue] Clear protocols for the use of current drugs

Evgeniya Lifshits

[Peelings] Peeling is the oldest method of rejuvenation

Olena Mospanova

[Peelings] The effectiveness of combined chemical peelings in the treatment of active acne

PRO anti-age

Tetyana Svyatenko, Ganna Magdich

[Current problem] Scarring alopecia in the practice of a cosmetologist

Galina Krinska

[Ingredient] Great and almighty vitamin D

Galina Trofimova

[Therapy] The focus of respect is the age-old skin

Vira Avdeeva

[Aesthetic gynecology] Applied anatomy of the vulva

PRO Product

New items to the market

[Brand awareness] Synchronization of cosmeceuticals and natural rhythms of the body

Tetyana Shalagina

[Ingredient] New retinoid: hydroxypinacolone retinoate

Protocols of procedures for the leading brands Mesoestetic, ENA Betelgeiz Mild, Nelly De Vuyst®

PRO Apparatuses

Protocols of procedures for leading brands Quanta System, Zemits, Stratosphere Cellushot

PRO dermatology

Tetyana Svyatenko, Katerina Ma slak

[Therapy] Rosacea - “severe illness” of chronic dermatoses

Svitlana Yudina

[Patient's report] Why dermatological diagnostics will be useful to a cosmetologist

Catherine Cercea

[Clinical progression] Foliculitis of the scalp

PRO injections

Irina Soroka

[Evidence-based medicine] Effectiveness of light filler infusion on skin bone parameters

Yulia Ivasenko

[Effective correction] Lifting: combined botulinum therapy and biorevitalization

PRO Wellness

Olena Snigur

[Psychology] Neglect tactics: why it’s not good to deal with clients who suffer from dysmorphophobia

Ivan Badin

[Massage using similar techniques] Massage + mesotherapy + massage

PRO management

Olena Trush

[Social Views] Current approach to content creation

Antonina Nyzhnyk

[Legal consultation] Photos and videos in the center of aesthetic medicine. To what extent is it legal?

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